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    • 2017

      Nicolas Cacciabeve MD participated in a webinar with Proscia titled “Pathology is Going Digital – Is Your Laboratory Ready?”

      APA, as Principle Investigator [N.Cacciabeve MD] and Investigators [G. Dickey MD, S. Beltaifa MD, R. Heaton MD, E. Manlucu MD, P. Zhao MD] were listed as authors in the landmark study “Whole Slide Imaging Versus Microscopy for Primary Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology” published in the American Journal of Surgical Pathology, September 2017

    • 2016

      Advanced Pathology is pleased to announce a contract for Medical Director with NeoDiagnostix in Gaithersburg

      Advanced Pathology is pleased to announce the completion of a Pre-Market Approval Study titled Pivotal Study to Validate the Philips DX Imaging System

      Nicolas Cacciabeve MD, Managing Member

      • Glenn Dickey MD
      • Amir Kende MD
      • Ellen Manlucu MD
      • Virginia Galang MD
      • Robert Heaton MD
      • Senda Beltaifa MD
      • Mark Samols MD PhD
      • Kausha Amin MD
      • Andrew Hall DO
      • Sarwat Siddiqui MD
      • Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
      • Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP
      • Adriene Jones PA ASCP
      • Lauren Sacchetti PA ASCP
      • Jessica Feeney PA ASCP