Our pathologists are encouraged to expand their leadership roles beyond the Department of Pathology. Working closely with hospital and medical staff leaders, we demonstrate value through the use of quality data and our collective years of experience in laboratory management and medical staff affairs.

Chair, Department of Pathology

Our Department of Pathology Chairmen/women have the skills necessary to operate an effective department.


  • Maintain seamless 24/7 service coverage


  • Establishing and evaluating quality service metrics

Peer Review

  • Advanced Pathology has an effective peer review program to ensure high-quality performance of its members
  • Use of benchmarked data

Adequacy of Service Level Assessment

  • Appropriate test menu
  • Appropriate Turn Around Time
  • Thoroughness of reporting

Medical Staff Leadership

Our pathologists are experienced in leadership roles beyond their departments:

  • Medical Staff Leadership
  • Medical Executive Committee
  • Credentials Committees
  • Medical Staff Peer Review Committee
  • Transfusion Committee
  • Infection Control Committee

Hospital Leadership

Advanced Pathology encourages its pathologists to get involved in multi-disciplinary activities contributing to improved patient care. We have experience serving:

  • Hospital Quality Committees
  • Utilization Committees
  • Process Improvement Initiatives
    • PRT
    • RCA
    • Kaizen
    • Patient Throughput

Nicolas Cacciabeve MD, Managing Member

  • Glenn Dickey MD
  • Amir Kende MD
  • Ellen Manlucu MD
  • Virginia Galang MD
  • Robert Heaton MD
  • Senda Beltaifa MD
  • Mark Samols MD PhD
  • Kausha Amin MD
  • Andrew Hall DO
  • Sarwat Siddiqui MD
  • Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
  • Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP
  • Adriene Jones PA ASCP
  • Lauren Sacchetti PA ASCP
  • Jessica Feeney PA ASCP