Advanced Pathology has participated in clinical trials and research studies involving artificial intelligence application in anatomic pathology, imaging diagnostics, as well as clinical laboratory research.


Our pathologists can provide assistance to research facilities for a range of services:

  • Tumor cell identification
  • Microdissection of tumor
  • Tissue evaluation of therapy response
  • Organ toxicity assessment
  • AI applications

Clinical Trials

  • Trial design
  • Principle investigator
  • Local site investigators
  • Imaging diagnostics

Nicolas Cacciabeve MD, Managing Member

  • Glenn Dickey MD
  • David Kardon MD
  • Amir Kende MD
  • Ellen Manlucu MD
  • Virginia Galang MD
  • Hamed Elfeky MD
  • Robert Heaton MD
  • Senda Beltaifa MD
  • Ravinder Singh MD
  • Mark Samols MD PhD
  • Kausha Amin M.D.
  • Adria Hartman MD
  • Therese Cermak MD
  • Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
  • Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP
  • Adriene Jones PA ASCP
  • Lauren Sacchetti PA ASCP
  • Holly Markel PA ASCP