Advanced Pathology has a successful record of designing, configuring, and managing physician in-office pathology laboratories.

We provide turn-key solutions for new laboratories, including:

  • Laboratory space design
  • Equipment
  • Reagents
  • Recruitment, hiring, and training histology staff
  • Information technology solutions for the lab
  • CLIA licensing
  • CAP Accreditation
  • Technical laboratory management
  • Cloud IT solutions

For existing labs we provide:

  • Medical Directorships
  • On-going regulatory compliance
  • Staff support
  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Laboratory test menu back-up
  • Access to Pathology professional services
  • Technical laboratory management
  • Cloud IT solutions

Nicolas Cacciabeve MD, Managing Member

  • Glenn Dickey MD
  • Amir Kende MD
  • Ellen Manlucu MD
  • Virginia Galang MD
  • Robert Heaton MD
  • Senda Beltaifa MD
  • Mark Samols MD PhD
  • Kausha Amin MD
  • Andrew Hall DO
  • Sarwat Siddiqui MD
  • Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
  • Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP
  • Adriene Jones PA ASCP
  • Lauren Sacchetti PA ASCP
  • Jessica Feeney PA ASCP