About Advanced Pathology Associates


Advanced Pathology is an independently organized group practice of over 20 Board Certified pathologists, pathologist assistants and histologists. Our pathologists have years of experience in anatomic and clinical pathology and many have sub-specialty expertise.


APA has successfully managed, directed, and operated clinical hospital and reference laboratories, histology laboratories, and hospital pathology departments. We are community hospital pathologists who understand the demanding environment of an active community hospital. Our pathologists have worked closely with hospital administrations and medical staffs, serving in leadership roles. We have members trained in peer review, and hospital credentialing. Among our members are College of American Pathologists Inspectors, Team Leaders, and System Team Leaders.

Commitment to Quality

We serve our patients, our medical staff, and our hospital and laboratory staff partners. Using benchmarked metrics, we measure our performance which meets or exceeds the standards of CLIA, College Of American Pathologists and the American Association of Blood Banks. We understand the central role of the pathology department and clinical laboratory in contributing to the important hospital measures of quality, patient safety, physician satisfaction and financial stewardship.


We recognize the value of working closely with our hospital and clinical laboratory administrations. We have experience and a record of success in working in an interdisciplinary environment to improve patient flow, resource utilization and patient safety.


Though the practice of healthcare is rapidly changing, pathology will remain a foundational element.

At APA, our vision is to be central to the delivery and quality of modern healthcare through the production of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information in a timely, cost-effective and clinically meaningful manner.

Integration and collaboration with our clinical care providers and our host institutions will be a key to providing the service level necessary in a changing environment.

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Nicolas Cacciabeve MD, Managing Member

  • Glenn Dickey MD
  • Amir Kende MD
  • Ellen Manlucu MD
  • Virginia Galang MD
  • Robert Heaton MD
  • Senda Beltaifa MD
  • Mark Samols MD PhD
  • Kausha Amin MD
  • Andrew Hall DO
  • Sarwat Siddiqui MD
  • Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
  • Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP
  • Adriene Jones PA ASCP
  • Lauren Sacchetti PA ASCP
  • Jessica Feeney PA ASCP